How It All Began

One Sunday morning in the early thirties, after the family was safely off to church, the boys of the Hamilton area would reach under their beds and pull out a couple of boxes. To the uninitiated, they would appear to contain scraps of wire and odd shaped bottles, nothing but junk. But in a few minutes, the 80 and 160 meter bands would suddenly come alive with chirps, scratches and even a few T9 signals. The gang was in session.

Such calls as 3JU, QU, YR, CJ, KM, VZ, IA, HP, and many others were distinguishable. Those requiring help, asked for it, and got it. They would visit each other’s QTH, giving assistance in getting those notes cleaned up and coaxing all possible electrons to head for the antenna.

Shortly after Christmas of 1932, they decided they should all get together regularly and iron out their problems. Back to the ether went the gang, advertising the fact that they were going to organize a radio club.

The first meeting was held at the home of VE3KM, Webb Clemence, and a turn out of forty-five amateurs was recorded. Thus, the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club was born and VE3HP, Art Ferguson, was elected president.
An except from The Canadian Amateur — March 1959 by Stu Graves VE3EIK